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Dealing with AuroraEx was so easy as it was done from the cornfort of my desk and their turn- around time to my querieswas prompt and effective. the relevant information was processed within no time and i managed to get my loan within two days.

Linnda smiht

Purpose:Buying house



Thes is much easier than deal- ing with the bank.i am a young professional with good credit,but have student debtm.,i was still ap- proved and no co-sinner required from start to fuinish it was easy and the support from AuroraEX customer service is outstanding.

Timo Nobel

Purpose:Buying house



The money was in my account in less then 24 hours! When i actually saw my bank balance i was gobsmacked. Getting a loan from a bbank has always involved a scheduled branch visit but with AuroraEx I got money really fast and easy

Jack Pohjola

Purpose:Buying house



About Us

AuroraEx is located in helsinki, finland. currently, we are a team of four passionate individual and an active group of business who want to make a difference.

AuroraEx wasborn with an idea that responsible people who have a dream, funds and mutual trust can acheive incredible things together.

Our mission is to provide the platform to make it happen.